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This attractive Youth Edition of Ourselves, Book 1, features short readings, narration and discussion prompts, side notes, exam questions, and more. See full description

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Product Description

Help your student become the best version of himself that he can possibly be!

Charlotte Mason wrote two books directly to young adults: Self-Knowledge and Self-Direction. (Both are combined within the volume Ourselves for parents.) She had a strong desire to help teens understand all of the beautiful and noble possibilities that exist within them, as well as the dangers that assault their souls and try to hinder them from making the most of themselves.

In Self-Knowledge, with Charlotte Mason as a guide, your student will explore the country of Mansoul—all of his powers of thinking, knowing, loving, judging, appreciating, willing, and achieving. He will learn about the four Houses of Government within Mansoul: the House of Body, the House of Mind, the House of Heart, and the House of Soul. And he will meet the powers that operate in those Houses, from his appetites and his senses to his intellect, imagination, and reason. He will gain wisdom about how love and justice are demonstrated in everyday decisions and attitudes, and he will be challenged to form good habits that will help him be prepared for every good work.

This Youth Edition of Ourselves, Book 1, provides

  • short readings to give your student great ideas in small, powerful doses;
  • narration and discussion prompts that encourage heart-to-heart conversations and life application;
  • a friendly introduction to Charlotte Mason and her writing style in the book;
  • side notes that define unknown terms and clarify unfamiliar references to help your student feel confident with the text;
  • exam questions that cover key concepts and encourage accountability and retention;
  • two reading schedules to choose from: a two-year recommended plan or a one-year condensed plan. We recommend parents read and discuss Self-Knowledge with their students in grades 7 and 8.

Designed as a complete package, Self-Knowledge makes Ourselves, Book 1, friendly and convenient for students and parents alike.

Also available: Self-Direction (Ourselves, Book 2, Youth Edition), recommended for grades 9 and 10.

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E-book, Trade Paper


Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12


978-1-61634-463-4, 978-1-61634-464-1

Lesson Plan

Individual Studies, Grade 7, Individual Studies, Grade 8




3 reviews for Self-Knowledge

  1. Crystal

    I love this resource. It is so nicely done. Broken into manageable weekly readings with narration prompts at the end of each. Margin notes are included for archaic words or references. A wonderful resource for older students. So easy to use!

  2. Kristyn Hall

    I am reading this book aloud on Monday afternoons to boys who are 12, 14, and 16, using the one-year suggested reading plan. They seem to like the “governmental,” allegorical approach Miss Mason uses. It has been eye opening for all of us, yet the information is presented gently so as not to offend. I appreciate the side notes and format. I look forward to reading _Self-Direction_ to them as well.

  3. SBS2021

    So far, this is my favorite SCM product. I just finished reading it to my Middle and High School students and we all (that includes me) have been encouraged and instructed by it. We are just starting Self-Direction and I have high hopes for it as well.

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