Charlotte Mason Science Curriculum

Charlotte Mason science curriculum that uses living books and real life experiences for enjoyable homeschool science. See full description

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Product Description

Enjoyable living science courses for grades 1–6!

Our Charlotte Mason science curriculum makes it simple to follow Charlotte Mason’s methods for science and nature study. These living science courses are written with multiple children in mind across several grades so you can combine your younger children for science, saving you time and money.

Each course gives you a complete school year of lesson plans based on an enjoyable book list and guided lessons full of hands-on activities and discovery. Suggested schedules are included for a whole school year of living science.

Explore our six Charlotte Mason science curriculum options below.

Outdoor Secrets (Grades 1–2)

Discover the secrets that may be hiding in your own backyard with this delightful collection of nature stories. Add the lessons from The Outdoor Secrets Companion for nature study ideas, simple projects, beautiful nature poetry, gentle lesson plans, and additional non-twaddle book suggestions.

Pond and Stream (Grades 1–3)

Help your child explore the fascinating world of nature that lives around ponds, streams, and lakes with Arthur Ransome’s wonderful living science book, Pond and Stream (available free online). The companion volume is filled with corresponding nature study ideas, simple projects, additional book suggestions from your library, and more.

Discovering What God Has Made (Grades 1–3)

Discover fascinating general science topics that relate to each day of Creation. The short lessons in this course will be your guide to a full year of living science studies spent discovering light and shadows, water and weather, land and plants, planets and stars, fish and birds, creeping things, land animals, and the human body.

Learning about Birds with Thornton Burgess (Grades 1–6)

Spark a lifelong appreciation for nature and good books through two Thornton Burgess classics—The Burgess Bird Book for Children and Blacky the Crow (both available free online). The companion guide gives you a leisurely reading schedule, nature study ideas, cross references, and more!

Exploring What God Has Made (Grades 4–6)

Dig deeper into fascinating general science topics that relate to each day of Creation. Through great living science books, helpful experiments, nature study projects, and a personal Creation notebook, your child will explore light, weather, water, rocks and minerals, plants, space, aquatic life, winged creatures, creeping things, land animals, and the human body.

Jack’s Insects (Grades 4–6)

Learn fascinating facts about insects with this classic living science book used in Charlotte Mason’s schools. The comprehensive Narration & Nature Study Notebook gives you leading narration questions, pre-screened websites and book suggestions, plus lots of nature study ideas that correspond with the chapters in Jack’s Insects.

We recommend that each student following our Charlotte Mason science curriculum also keep a nature journal.


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