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Don’t you love it when you finally reach a goal that you have had your eye on for many years? Well, the year 2017 reflects just such a milestone goal for SCM. We are excited to announce that Free Shipping will now be available every day all year round for contiguous U.S. orders over $95!

That means that now you can grab the Learning and Living: Homeschooling the Charlotte Mason Way 12-DVD set you’ve been eyeing and bring it home with free shipping. Spend some time gaining confidence in teaching with Charlotte’s methods.

It means that if you have several young ones in your family, you can order a couple or all three Delightful Reading kits—with free shipping—and give them a comprehensive and enjoyable Charlotte Mason-style reading curriculum.

Or maybe this is the year you want to focus on habit training. Now you can give yourself the Laying Down the Rails bundle of the complete Laying Down the Rails reference book, the two-volume set of Laying Down the Rails for Children, and the quick-start Laying Down the Rails workshop on DVD. Add Laying Down the Rails for Yourself and you’ll get free shipping on the entire set.

The new free shipping offer means that you can get a full year of beautiful fine arts materials—three Picture Study Portfolios and three Music Study with the Masters—with no delivery costs!

Or grab ten years’ worth of excellent and effective dictation exercises with the complete set of Spelling Wisdom books for grades 3–12.

So many possibilities abound to take advantage of the free shipping policy—now every day on contiguous U.S. orders over $95!

We hope that our reaching this free shipping goal will help you reach more of your goals in the days and weeks ahead!

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