Happy Results: Delight S.’s Habit Story

Enjoying sunsets as a family

When we think of habits to be formed, we often think of tasks that will make our homes run smoother. We may look at a new year and decide to help our children focus on picking up toys, brushing teeth, putting away shoes, or wiping off kitchen counters.

But there is one habit that can transform our homes and our home schools more than we realize. It’s a habit that often gets overlooked.

Delight S. discovered the power of this habit with her children. Here is her story.

As I think of forming new habits each year, I am reminded of the “happy results” of one year’s habit. I would like to share what we did one year as part of our nature study. We decided to go by a theme “never miss a sunset.” All the children were supposed to help remind me to take the time to go watch as many sunsets as we could that year together. We did miss some, but we saw most of them. The other thing I added that made it especially precious was I asked the children to say one thing they were thankful for that day as we watched the sun sink into the horizon. And that is the thing that will always remain, I do not believe that after forming that habit, any of us will ever look at a sunset again without also thinking, “What am I thankful for today?” Wasn’t that a “happy” result? 🙂

Charlotte Mason knew that the habit of thankfulness is powerful! Gratitude brings with it a feast of joy. Can you imagine what your home would be like if every family member had the habit of being thankful? Not just once in a while, but every day. Not just for the large things, but for

“a delightful or helpful book, for a great picture, for a glorious day, for the face of a little child, for happy work, for pleasant places” (Vol. 4, Book 1, p. 111).

Try it tonight, why don’t you? Pause. Call the children around you, and go watch the sunset. Then take turns telling what you are thankful for today.

What a delightful habit to cultivate this coming year!

Do you have a Happy Results story about Charlotte Mason’s methods in your home? It might be about living books, narration, music study, picture study, poetry, handicrafts, nature study, and more. Let us know your encouraging experience—your Happy Results story—so we can share it with others.