Happy Results: Melissa S.’s Picture Study Story

Charlotte Mason Picture Study Success

I recently read this wonderful reminder of what it is we are endeavoring to do when we give our children a Charlotte Mason education:

I desire my children to form relations with what they study—not to know meagerly “about” something but to really know something by establishing a relationship with it (A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola, p. 67).

And when we catch a glimpse of the relations a child is making for himself, it can be so encouraging! Melissa S. shared about a special moment when she was privileged to see it happen with her son. Here is her Happy Results story.

Today my 10-year-old son, Emory, went with me to a local antiques shop. This two-man saw (unfortunately missing one handle) immediately reminded him of “The Woodcutters” painting by Jean-François Millet. We studied Millet as a Charlotte Mason test-run right after I learned about this method of home education. His paintings hold a special place in my heart because observing his beautiful work coincided with my first experience of really enjoying homeschooling and thinking that it may actually work for us. We’ve made it a habit to spread all of the pictures across the table when we finish an artist and do our best at sketching our favorite one. I’m certain that Emory will always remember “The Woodcutters” because he made this relation in the store.

P.S. Emory was thrilled with the saw; he just wasn’t so thrilled about having his picture taken.

Isn’t that great? Watch for those relational moments with your child too. They may pop up anytime anywhere, for education is a life. And when you are privileged to get a peek inside his mind and witness how a living idea is thriving in his heart, you will feel a fresh enthusiasm well up within your own heart and gain even more confidence in Charlotte’s wonderful methods!

Happy Results Stories

Do you have a Happy Results story about seeing Charlotte Mason’s methods work with your children? It might be about living books, narration, music study, picture study, poetry, handicrafts, nature study—any of her simple and effective methods. Let us know about your encouraging experience—your Happy Results story—so we can share it with others.