A Charlotte Mason Companion
A Charlotte Mason Companion


A Charlotte Mason Companion

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You can realize the home school of your dreams! A Charlotte Mason Companion is one of the most trusted and referred to books in the home school world. Here are the tools to create an extraordinary learning experience. Karen Andreola’s classic work is brimming with practical how to’s and the inspiration to see them through. See full description

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from the Author
I began homeschooling partly because I wanted a different learning experience for my children than what was offered in schools. I longed for a Christian teaching approach that aimed at reaching the heart of my children—an approach that safeguarded their natural God–given curiosity, warmed up their imagination, satisfied their need for play and outdoor activity, and provided them opportunities for character development. “This is it!” I said as I read what Charlotte Mason had to say about education. “This is what I want for my children.”

With newfound courage and excitement, I put aside those things Miss Mason declared detrimental:

  • dry textbooks (which dull the mind);
  • prizes and grades (which stimulate students to perform for superficial rewards);
  • too many worksheets (which require fragments of information without a train of thought); and
  • hour-long lessons and homework (what drudgery and inefficiency!).

I replaced these with

  • intellectually nourishing “living books” by the best authors,
  • narration (a child’s telling in his own words—oral or written), and
  • shorter lessons. I was able to make time for nature observation, art and music appreciation, and hospitality.

With Charlotte Mason’s advice, I tried to run my little school on good habits. I was happy to discover that the use of habit provides necessary discipline. Shorter lessons enabled my students, when young, to pay attention, concentrate, and do their best. Living books enhanced the love of knowledge in our home. Therefore, push and shove were absent motivators in this, what I call, “the gentle art of learning.”

If this sounds like the kind of education you envision for your home school, you will find support and encouragement in my book, A Charlotte Mason Companion. May your educational goals be met and your dreams come true in your precious family.

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5 reviews for A Charlotte Mason Companion

  1. jenhorsfall

    This book was the catalyst of change in my method of homeschooling. I can not imagine where I would be without it. When someone asks me for information on how to homeschool, this is the first book that I suggest. I probably would have quit homeschooling had I not stumbled over it at my local homeschool bookstore and I most certainly would not have searched out more information and found the SCM website!

  2. Donna

    This is the book that brought Charlotte Mason to our home school. It is still my go-to resource for all things CM. After reading Karen’s book, I found Simply Charlotte Mason. I find myself returning to both sources for information and encouragement. No matter where you are on your home school journey, you will benefit from this book.

  3. MamaSwick

    After a few years of homeschooling with a traditional method I and my oldest son were starting to suffer from burnout. That is when I can across the name Charlotte Mason. I began to dig into as much as I could, websites, interview, and books. I loved the way it sounded but had trouble with understanding how to implement it. That is until I ran across this book, it is a go back to often (a sign of a living book) resource for me. You can find out a lot about Charlotte from many different places but this book is a must read if you plan on implementing this method. The number one resource I recommend when I am asked about homeschooling.

  4. LaToya

    When I first started learning about Charlotte Mason this book was such a great find. She walks through step by step in language that you can understand. I was able to start implementing things at the end of each chapter. I really loved the end of the chapter questions.

  5. Kayla

    I love this book. I have read and highlighted and read again. It is a wonderful CM how to without having to dredge through the tough language of Charlottes original writings.

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