Happy Results: Arline E.’s Scripture Memory Story

Family Scripture Memory

It’s so much fun explaining the Scripture Memory System to people when I speak at conventions around the country. When they realize that their whole family can memorize new Bible passages plus review all the verses they have learned in just 5–10 minutes per day, it’s like a light comes on. They get it!

But there is one question I often get asked: What do I do about the younger children? Do I have to start over for them so they will be able to catch up and know all the verses that my older children have memorized?

The answer is No, you don’t. Those little ones will grow up hearing the verses every day as you use this simple and effective system, and they will memorize them before you realize it!

Arline E. saw it happen. Here is her Happy Results story.

This is our first year homeschooling, and we have been using Simply Charlotte Mason’s method for memorizing Scripture. Every day during our meals, my sons (6 and 2) and I would go through our Scripture Memory box. My six year old and I would work on a new passage and review three we’d already memorized.

About 7 weeks into the term, I asked my 2yo if he wanted to “say his Scripture Memory.” Until then, he had been with us at the table but had not been participating. At least, I didn’t think so. Usually he was concerned only with his food.

With a little help from Momma, he was able to recite most of the passages we’d practiced. My six year old and I were speechless; our mouths just dropped. All those weeks he had been memorizing passage after passage, and we had no idea!

Watch our short video to see how the Scripture Memory System works. You can download the verse cards free or order preprinted cards and dividers.

Add the beautiful, handcrafted wooden box to make Scripture Memory time an extra special family tradition.


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