Scripture Memory Box

For many years we have encouraged families to memorize Scripture with a simple and effective system. In just five or ten minutes a day you can continually learn new passages plus review every verse you’ve learned. Many of you have let us know how much that system means to you and how the habit of memorizing Scripture has blessed your family.

For one family, the Goods, that blessing prompted within them a desire to help other families get started with Scripture memory too. The free verse card downloads are helpful, but the Good family wanted to help us provide a beautiful Scripture Memory Box all put together with verse cards and dividers. A complete system ready to use and already in a box.

And not just any box. They envisioned a box that celebrates and honors the special time when family gathers together around God’s Word. A beautiful, handcrafted, heirloom-quality wooden box that will last for generations to come.

And so their family came together to create such a special project. Rhonda, the mom of the Good family, describes their heart and the multi-generational process of creating the box so well:

The first time I heard Sonya speak of the memory box system I was thrilled. Now there was a plan for our sporadic memory work we did as a family. We would be able to review passages we already knew and continue to memorize new verses with an orderly system.

In sharing with our friends and family about Simply Charlotte Mason’s Bible Memory System, an inspiration hit my husband. It would be an excellent way to serve other families if we could have the box all ready for them to use.

Our family loves to encourage others, so our desire is to share and bless God’s children through this heirloom memory box.

The love of woodworking has carried through 3 generations. Grandpa Good designed the prototypes and it was fine-tuned to the product that you see pictured here. Now son and grandson enjoy the art of woodworking and spend quality time together as they build these memory boxes.

God’s Word is sure and steadfast for all times.

“Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee.”

—The Goods

We are pleased to make these lovely Scripture Memory Boxes available to you. Each handcrafted box comes with six packs of preprinted Bible verses presented in a variety of lengths; that’s more than 300 verses—some individual verses, some passages, and some chapters or psalms. You can select verse card packs 1–6 or packs 7–12 and choose whether you want King James Version or English Standard Version. You also receive 41 sturdy labeled dividers and complete instructions for getting started and maintaining the habit of Scripture Memory in your home. All in an elegant wooden heirloom box.

We join the Good family in praying that this beautiful Scripture Memory Box will be a tool of great blessing for you and your precious children!


  1. Beautiful! I wonder if personalizing it with the family’s last name or a pertinent Scripture (like the one mentioned) across the front would be a nice addition. This would make a wonderful Christmas or wedding present.

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