We hope you have enjoyed the past few weeks as we focused on Masterly Inactivity. The articles we shared with you are taken from our new 2008 personal calendar journal, A Year of Masterly Inactivity with Charlotte Mason.

Several more articles are included in the calendar, along with more than fifty Charlotte Mason quotes on parenting. Plus, each month you will find a handy month overview; weekly two-page spreads with lots of room for your personal notes; and space to record gentle reminders, prayer requests, and books you are reading.

This book is not for your homeschool. It is not for your children. It is for you, to refresh you in your role as a mother and to encourage you to live in the happy balanced state of Masterly Inactivity throughout the year.

This calendar journal is available for a limited time only. So visit our A Year of Masterly Inactivity with Charlotte Mason page to learn more and download a free sample. The articles in Masterly Inactivity are now available in a free e-book.