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A free e-book that explores the freedom that can be found when we set boundaries and then allow our children to discover and learn within those boundaries. Discusses the Charlotte Mason principle of “wise and purposeful letting alone.” See full description →

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Download our free e-book, Masterly Inactivity with Charlotte Mason.

Do you ever feel like you’re on the Mommy See-saw? “I must teach my child to obey, yet I don’t want to be a dictator.” “I want my child to enjoy his childhood, but I can’t just allow him to run wild and do anything he wants to do.”

Welcome to the Mommy See-saw. Up and down, back and forth we teeter, wishing we knew the secret to keeping a happy balance. Charlotte Mason called that happy balanced state Masterly Inactivity.

These Masterly Inactivity articles will help you

  • Discover wise and purposeful letting alone
  • Check that your fence of authority is in place
  • Learn when to grant favors and when to stand firm
  • Find out about the game that all children play
  • Increase your confidence as a parent

Plus you will receive more than fifty Charlotte Mason quotes on parenting!

We hope you will enjoy this free e-book. Stop back and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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Sonya Shafer



11 reviews for Masterly Inactivity (free e-book)

  1. :

    Sonya, you are awesome! I know you said in the forum that you were thinking of doing this and I was hoping you wouldn’t forget or change your mind. Thank you so much!!

  2. :

    Wow! Thanks, Sonya! This is great timing for this see-saw Mama!

  3. :

    Thank you so much, Sonya! I am just going through your Charlotte Mason All-Day Seminar DVDs and this will be a great supplement to that…BTW, the seminar is very well done and easy to follow along. Thank you for that too…

  4. :

    Oh Sonya! Thank you so much for this great CM helper! Blessings to you for all you do.

  5. :

    Oooh! How exciting!
    Your books have already been a blessing to us!
    Thank you so much for sharing this so generously!

  6. :

    Thank you for your generous gift to us!

  7. :

    Sonya, you are amazing. I know you have an autistic child in addition to your other children (I also have an autistic child, plus 4 others, so I know how difficult that is) and for you to be able to have the time to bless others in such a way is proof of the Lord blessing and sustaining you!
    The timing on this is amazing….page 17 was exactly what I have been struggling with (I just happened to open to that page).

    Tears of joy and thanksgiving for you and your family!

  8. :

    You really are amazing :)! I know everyone is already telling you that but I just had to tell you as well. I wanted to be sure you knew how generous this was 🙂 and how VERY much it is appreciated!!! Thank you SO much!

  9. :

    thank you for this resource. I read it and sent the link to a friend contemplating homeschooling.

  10. :

    Thank you! I really enjoyed it. It was very encouraging and helpful.

  11. :

    Thank you so much for sharing this resource with us! I really enjoyed reading it and there are some things that could enhance our own home environment. I have moments of being “too fussy” especially with a child that has a heart condition. I have to back off a bit in some areas and not cause them to catch my reactions to certain insects. :0)

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