“Daniel, I expect you to play nicely with your brother. Yes, Katie, I can change the baby’s diaper now; you go ahead and practice piano. Sarah, I’ll be right there to help you with your math. Hang on just a minute.”

Sound familiar? As we all can testify, parenting and homeschooling are inextricably interwoven. And Charlotte Mason recognized that relationship. She wrote and spoke at length about the importance of parenting.

Our job is not just to teach; we are called first and foremost to be parents. In fact, Charlotte stated, “It is more than anything else the home influences brought to bear upon the child that determine the character and career of the future man or woman” (Vol. 1, p. 1).

If you would like some encouragement and access to some ideas on parenting, we wanted to let you know that our sister site, Intentional Parents, is now up and running with a new facelift and updated material.

You’ll discover three types of parents, the five gifts of intentional parents, and our blog full of practical how-to’s. And you can sign up to receive a monthly e-mail with more tips and ideas.

Plus, Sonya shares about their family’s journey with autism, the therapies they have used, and the resources they recommend. And you can follow their daughter’s progress over these past five years through the blog posts marked Hannah’s Progress.

You’ll also find a new article, “Lessons from the Valley,” that was just published in Homeschooling Today magazine. We hope it will be an encouragement to parents who may be going through a “valley” in their lives right now.

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  1. Please pray for our home schooling laws in Nebraska. They are under attack by a senator (whose husband is a lobbyist for the Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA). The bill is horrible. Pray that this bill dies in committee.
    Thank you.

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