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Keeping Your Balance

Keeping Your Balance: Masterly Inactivity

It is always interesting to hear the reasons different parents give for deciding to homeschool their children. We’ve heard many explanations and reasons over the years. But one thing we have never heard a parent say: “I’m homeschooling because I want to ruin my child.” Is that your goal as a parent? Of course not! […]

Masterly Inactivity e-book

Masterly Inactivity Free Charlotte Mason E-Book

Do you ever feel like you’re on the Mommy See-saw? “I must teach my child to obey, yet I don’t want to be a dictator.” “I want my child to enjoy his childhood, but I can’t just allow him to run wild and do anything he wants to do.” Welcome to the Mommy See-saw. Up […]

A Year of Masterly Inactivity

We hope you have enjoyed the past few weeks as we focused on Masterly Inactivity. The articles we shared with you are taken from our new 2008 personal calendar journal, A Year of Masterly Inactivity with Charlotte Mason. Several more articles are included in the calendar, along with more than fifty Charlotte Mason quotes on […]


“What do you try to control instead of allowing God to control?” the small-group leader posed the question. He gave an example, then someone else mentioned an area that hit home. “I try to control everything for my children,” she said. “My natural instinct is to protect them, but I tend to micromanage. For instance, […]

You Need Both: Masterly Inactivity

We love our children. And we have great hopes for them. As Charlotte Mason so aptly put it, “People feel that they can bring up their children to be something more than themselves, that they ought to do so, and that they must” (Vol. 3, p. 26). That’s why we homeschool. We want to give […]

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