Visits to Asia charlotte mason geography

We are thrilled to announce that the much-anticipated Visits to Asia geography notebook is now available!

This gentle weekly study walks you through an exploration of the countries of Asia with captivating photography, a traveler’s firsthand accounts, delightful living books, and step-by-step work with maps.

Your children will especially enjoy the guided readings from two fantastic travelogues—Material World and Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. In Material World a photographer traveled to different countries and took a picture of a typical family outside their house with all of their possessions on the front lawn. He also wrote notes about his time with the family and included additional pictures of life with the various family members. Hungry Planet: What the World Eats is similar, but in that book he featured the families with one week’s worth of groceries in their kitchens and included favorite recipes.

Both books give a fascinating peek into life around the world. That’s why they are used in all of our Visits to . . . geography notebooks. Visits to Asia focuses on the stories of families who live in countries in Asia.

More great living books set in Asia are also listed as Recommended Reading and scheduled throughout the 36 short lessons. Many of those optional titles you should be able to find at your local library, but we also hear from families who love to grab a copy of those living geography books for themselves to keep on their family bookshelves.

With the addition of Asia to our Visits to . . . geography series, you can now explore the six main regions of the world: Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South & Central America and Australia, North America, and Asia.

We hope the Visits to . . . series will make it simple for you to make geography come alive through the delightful combination of maps and living books!

Comments on the Visits to . . . Series

“I love these books for geography!!! The way you add a country or two each day really works for memorizing the countries and locations. We have always liked the Material World and Hungry Planet books and having a way to use them for geography curriculum was great.”


“I am truly amazed at how much geography we are learning. I began with a very limited knowledge of African countries but now can map all of Northern Africa! Thanks for a great product. We will be purchasing many more books in the series.”

LeAnn T.

“I am so impressed with the Visits to Africa book! When I learned geography in school, it was nothing more than memorize a few countries on a map and their capitol cities. We learned nothing of the culture, food, religion, or everyday life of these countries. My son, age 6, knows more about the people of Ethiopia and Mali than I knew when I was in college! . . . The additional books we read are his favorites, and he loves learning what all the countries are called, so every day we do map review. Thanks, SCM!”