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There’s something about looking closely and carefully at a historical object that makes that era become more real in your mind. Taking your time to observe in detail the treasures that people of the past created seems to help you form a stronger relation with them and the time period in which they lived.

The Stuff They Left Behind portfolios are designed to offer your children that wonderful experience of connecting with people of the past—witnessing close-up the fruit of their labors, the results of their ideas, the culmination of their personal struggles and victories.

Today we are pleased to announce three new The Stuff They Left Behind portfolios that feature artifacts and architecture from three history time periods: the days of the Middle Ages, of Early Modern, and of Modern Times.

Each portfolio presents sixteen large, full-color or historical black-and-white photographs from around the world along with background information and leading discussion questions to supplement your study of history. Use them before you read from a living history book, to create interest and introduce the topic at hand, or after you read, to clarify and elaborate on what was read. Each fascinating collection will help your students gain a deeper understanding of the time period you are focusing on and the people who lived in it.

The Stuff They Left Behind Middle Ages

From the Days of the Middle Ages presents striking pictures of artifacts and architecture from Medieval times, including a real viking ship, a Mayan castle, an epic tapestry, samurai armor, stained glass, Moai statues, and more!

The Stuff They Left Behind Early Modern

From the Days of Early Modern highlights interesting artifacts and architecture from 1550 to 1850, including Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Taj Mahal, Pascal’s calculator, Emperor Kangxi’s copywork, a Ming Dynasty jar, a draft of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, Samuel Morse’s telegraph machine, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and other historical treasures!

The Stuff They Left Behind Modern Times

From the Days of Modern Times features fascinating artifacts and architecture from 1850 to present day, including the Eiffel Tower’s construction, a Faberge Egg, the Wright Brothers’ airplane, trenches from World War I, the Bell Laboratories Relay computer used in World War II, the Berlin Wall, and more!

These three new portfolios join the others already available in the The Stuff They Left Behind series: from the days of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. Our daily lesson plans covering those ancient time periods have The Stuff They Left Behind portfolios already scheduled to correspond to your history readings, and we’re working on doing the same for the three new ones. Stay tuned for that announcement.

Wherever you are focused in the pageant of history, The Stuff They Left Behind portfolios are prepared to awaken your children’s minds to the treasures of the artifacts and architecture of the fascinating past!