Over the years we’ve gathered some great information and created some documents that have been helpful in our homeschooling. We want to save you time and effort by making those tools available to you, so we’re planning to have them as free downloads and printable pages on SimplyCharlotteMason. What kind of time-savers? Here’s a short list.

  • Book of Centuries Template – just a quick file that labels the top of every two pages with dates in hundred-year increments; you can easily print them and put them in a notebook to create a simple Book of Centuries
  • A List of Handicrafts and Life Skills – more than fifty suggestions for handicrafts and life skills that will help keep our children’s free time profitable and prepare them for adulthood
  • How to Create a Scripture Memory System – step-by-step instructions to help you put in place a simple and effective way to memorize and review Scripture
  • Copywork in a Manuscript Font – lined manuscript paper with copywork selections already printed on it to use with younger children
  • Early Years Book List – more than seventy books that were introduced to our children in their early years (ages 2-5) and which they have loved ever since

We hope you’ll find these tools as helpful as we did! Let us know what other kinds of documents would save you time and we’ll dig through our files to see if we have them.

Update as of 3/2/06: All of these Time Savers are now complete. We’ve revised the post to include links to them. The Scripture Memory System also includes a Verses List.

Update as of 5/30/06: The Early Years Books are now located in the Books section of the site.


  1. All of the resources listed above are now available. You can click on any of the links in the post above or on the lefthand sidebar under “Time Savers” to go to that section of the website. Enjoy!

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