Time Savers

Over the years we’ve gathered some great information and created some documents that have been helpful in our homeschooling. We want to save you time and effort by making these tools available to you. Help yourself!

  • A Book of Centuries Template — A downloadable file that labels the top of every two pages with dates in hundred-year increments. You can easily print it and put the pages in a notebook to create a simple Book of Centuries.
  • Copywork in a Manuscript Font — Lined manuscript paper with copywork selections already printed on it to use with beginning writers.
  • Colorful Corner Bookmarks with Charlotte Mason sayings — Their unique design fits on the upper corner of the book’s page.
  • A List of Handicrafts and Life Skills — More than fifty suggestions for handicrafts and life skills that will help keep our children’s free time profitable and prepare them for adulthood.
  • Narration Ideas — A list of suggestions to add variety to your student’s narrations.
  • How to Create a Scripture Memory System — Step-by-step instructions to help you put in place a simple and effective way to memorize and review Scripture using Charlotte’s recitation method.
  • A Trip Journal Template — Easy instructions and a downloadable file to help you create memories on your next trip . . . and also get in a little school work.