Vermeer painting

Picture study is such a simple way to give our children beauty in the midst of life and to cultivate their tastes for what is worthy and good. It adds so much to our week to take just five or ten minutes on Monday or Tuesday (or Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, for that matter) and really look at a great work of art!

We are “enriched more than we know in having really looked at even a single picture” (Vol. 1, p. 309).

Picture Study Portfolios make it simple to do picture study with all your children. Each portfolio includes gorgeous art prints, a living biography of the artist suitable for all ages, and interesting leading thoughts that gently guide discussion but respect each person to form his or her own relations with each picture.

We are pleased to announce three new artists have been added to our Picture Study Portfolio collection.

  • Vermeer— No one knows how Vermeer learned to paint, yet his Girl with a Pearl Earring has become world famous.
  • Gainsborough—Gainsborough preferred to paint beautiful nature scenes, but people wanted portraits. You will appreciate how he resolved that conflict.
  • Whistler—Did you know that this artist didn’t actually set out to paint that well-known picture of his mother? In fact, he didn’t call it Whistler’s Mother at all. Learn more in the new Whistler portfolio.

Give your children the gift of great art. Enjoy a picture study every week.

One comment

  1. I purchase several of the Picture Study Portfolios.
    They are wonderful and I have enjoyed them very much.
    I am hoping that you will add Edgar Degas in your selection.
    Aside from him being favorite of mine, his impact on the
    art world was truly significant. Just recently, Misty Copeland,
    did a series of photos where she poses like the artwork of some of his most famous pieces. I am anxious to see this artist become
    part of your portfolio.
    Thank you for the tireless energy you have dedicated towards
    presenting “Simply Charlotte Mason”.

    ELeanor Leeper
    Andrews, Texas

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