The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 2 Is Here!

Today we are excited to announce that The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic, Book 2, is now available!
You are sure to enjoy these simple, lively lessons that will help your student gain a firm footing in addition, subtraction, and multiplication up to 1,000.

He will solidify and learn the addition tables up to 10 + 10 and the multiplication tables up to 6 x 10. And that learning will not just be rote memory and recitation. He will memorize the math facts, yes, but first he will personally discover how the addition tables and multiplication tables work.

Subtraction and division are included along with the addition and multiplication tables, presented as complementary operations. So your student will develop a solid grasp of the subtraction and division facts as well.

Book 2 also introduces addition and subtraction with larger numbers, including carrying and borrowing, up to 1,000. The step-by-step, interactive lessons will encourage your child to work confidently with three digit numbers, as well as with money.

You will find interesting review questions tucked regularly into the lessons, plus there is an
entire section—50 more pages—containing hundreds of extra review questions in the back of the book. That bonus section will make sure you always have plenty of engaging and interactive review questions on hand no matter where your child is in the lessons.

Three end-of-term exams are included that you can use to record your student’s progress through mastering the addition and multiplication tables, as well as working with three-digit numbers.

As usual, no specialized manipulatives are needed. The lessons use the same everyday objects that were recommended in Book 1: buttons, beads, coins—things you can find around the house. Book 2 gives extensive work with money, so you will want to have a good supply of coins and one-dollar bills. You can use real dollar bills or play money. Those manipulatives are so important to make sure your student sees the math concepts in the concrete first and has a firm understanding of them before he moves to pure number.

An optional kit is available for Book 2 that includes plenty of play dollar bills as well as two decks of number sentence cards, a felt underlay for building the tables, and a gridded dry erase board (called a “slate” in the lessons) with a dry erase marker.

Number Sentence Cards are a brilliant idea for a homeschool mom! Each card contains a handful of equations, either focused on one addition or multiplication table or offering a combination of equations from several different tables. Before you begin the arithmetic lesson, grab a card or two to have on hand. Then if you need to step away for a few minutes—to change a diaper or to help another child with a question—simply hand your math student those cards. He will be able to continue the math lessons smoothly on his own until you get back by working those equations—using the manipulatives if he needs to—and writing the answers on his slate. Genius!

The kit for Book 2 contains Number Sentence Cards for all of the addition and multiplication tables that are covered in the book.

The Number Sentence Cards are also sold separately.

Book 2 is a beautiful addition to The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series and an exciting way to strengthen your relationship with your child as you continue to climb together in the mountainous land of mathematics, just as Charlotte Mason described it. And with lessons like these, you can be sure that every step taken will be on firm ground.


  1. Yay yay yay!!!! Thank you!!! I’ve been checking your site multiple times a day! So excited to continue with this curriculum. I ordered as soon as I saw it go live!
    Thank you!!!

  2. I haven’t used the first book so I’m not sure what the intention is. I notice in the sample that the book has the questions but also the answers. Is this, then, not a textbook for the student? Is it only for the teacher? IS there a student book or just the math journal?

    • The book is for the teacher; she uses it to give oral questions to the student. There is very little reading or writing in the early elementary math lessons in a CM approach. The focus is on the concepts and ideas of how math works. So you don’t need a student text, only the grid notebook to act, as you mentioned, as a journal. The teacher book tells you when and what and how much should be written in it as you go through the lessons orally. And the personal whiteboard gives the student practice writing an equation correctly before he copies it into his journal.

      These videos might help fill in more details:
      The Parent as a Guide in Charlotte Mason Math Lessons
      The Benefits of Charlotte Mason Homeschool Math

    • They are not meant to be flash cards, Aimee. There are several equations on each card, and they are to be used to keep a lesson going if the mom sometimes needs to step away for a few minutes. Take a look at this description and image that will give you a closer look.

      • Oh, I wish I had known they were sold separately from the kit. I would have ordered some. Will you be selling them at the HEAV Convention?

        • Sadly, we won’t be at the HEAV Convention this year. We love coming to that one, but there are so many conventions and so few of us that we have to work on a rotation basis sometimes.

  3. Okay, I am glad I got the kit. Those cards are solid and beautiful. Yes, could make them but meh…
    I bought it mainly for the the dry erase board and cards which I am super pleased to say that it is top notch. My child was attracted to the graph paper too.

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