When I (Sonya) was a young mom with my first baby, the idea of teaching my child to read ranked right up there on the “Scary Meter” with singing a solo and snake pits. Sure, I could teach her the alphabet. And yes, I could teach her the sounds that the consonants made, for the most part. But after that I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do.

Yet somehow, it all worked out, and ideas came to me as we went along. My first child learned to read . . . and so did her younger sister . . . and so did the next child . . .

These days we often get asked what we used to teach our children to read. The answer is, “Common sense and what we had around us at the time.” For those of you who want a few more details than that, we’ve just posted a description of how we went about the adventure.

Feel free to pass along the link to young moms you know who may be wondering how they will ever teach their children to read. It’s not as scary as they may think.