Bonus Features Added for E-books

Our kids like to check out the Bonus Features on any DVDs we watch as a family, and we like it too. You never know what interesting tidbits you might find!

We wanted to let all of you know that we’ve added a few pages of Bonus Features to our Web site. Each Bonus Features page is related to one of our e-books and contains lots of links and helpful information. For example, on the 106 Days of Creation Bonus Features page, we posted links to the videos recommended in the book; links to some organizations that provide more resources and information on dinosaurs, creation, and the Flood; links to some very useful animated diagrams for the water cycle and body systems; and lots more! The Your Business Math Bonus Features page contains some tips on how to adapt the Store kits if you don’t have sales tax in your area.

You get the idea — little extras that might come in handy and save you time too.

To view the Bonus Features page, just go to the e-book’s page that you’re interested in and click on the Bonus Features link. Here are some shortcuts for you:

106 Days of Creation Studies

Your Business Math Series

Wisdom for Life: Proverbs Bible Study

Discovering Doctrine

Spelling Wisdom