Laws are not exactly the most thrilling topic for reading or discussing — not, that is, until a law affects you personally. Then all of a sudden, that law becomes quite important! You either marvel at the fairness and common sense that went into that law, or you wonder, “Who in his right mind ever thought up this one?”

The same mind-set applies when you or your children are studying the Old Testament, particularly the laws in Leviticus and Numbers. All of those laws can seem somewhat boring and irrelevant if they don’t affect you personally. Well, now they can come alive!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our newest e-book, Jashub’s Journal: An Old Testament Law Story. Join Jashub and his family and friends as they settle into an abandoned Canaanite village during the final days of Joshua and learn to resolve their everyday disputes and situations according to God’s good Law.

This living book also has a Companion Bible Study that pauses the story, directs the student to applicable Bible passages, and challenges him to determine and narrate what God’s Law says the townspeople should do in the given situations. The student then returns to Jashub’s Journal and continues the story to check his answers.

A living Old Testament law story combined with a Charlotte Mason-style Bible study. Both designed to highlight God’s wisdom in the laws He made.

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