Combining Homeschool Grade Levels (3)

Ideas for combining the children for as many homeschool subjects as possible.

5 Steps to Successful Narration (5)

A look at five essentials that will help you and your children learn the most from a narration lesson.

Favorite Living Books for Modern History (5)

Our top picks for living books that cover Modern Times.

CM Myths (4)

Statements we’ve heard people make about Charlotte Mason, along with the facts that either support or disprove them.

Keeping Your Balance (3)

Charlotte Mason’s methods and philosophy of education are wonderfully balanced in so many ways. Here are gems of wisdom from her ideas that will help you keep a good balance in your own life.

Developing Willpower (5)

The will shapes your child’s character. Here’s how you can strengthen your child’s will and your own.

Homeschooling through High School the Charlotte Mason Way (5)

CM Methods are effective for all ages, not just for the elementary years. These articles discuss what changes, what stays the same, how to handle grades and transcripts, and habit-training in the high school years in a Charlotte Mason way.

Good Habits (3)

The two keys to developing good habits in your life and your children’s lives.

Exam Week (2)

Charlotte Mason gave exams at the end of every twelve-week term. Let’s look at what those were like.

The Way of the Will (6)

Charlotte Mason’s thoughts on how we can help our children strengthen their wills to be able to do what is right even when they don’t feel like it.

3 Tips for a Successful Homeschool Year (3)

Three tips that will help you have a successful year of homeschooling.

Core Values of Charlotte Mason (21)

Knowing the core values of the Charlotte Mason method will help you homeschool with confidence!

Getting Started (6)

Practical help and tips for the homeschooler who is new to the Charlotte Mason Method.

Reading for the Pleasure of Others (5)

Tips and hints on the art of reading aloud.

Favorite Living Books for Bible (2)

Our top books for teaching Bible.

Education Is (8)

Learn about Charlotte’s philosophy of education as an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.

Language Arts in the Charlotte Mason Method (9)

Discover the simple, sensible, and effective ways that Charlotte Mason taught language arts.

6 Reasons I Love the Charlotte Mason Method (6)

Six reasons I love the Charlotte Mason Method that have stuck with me for all the years I’ve used it. Trust me, these reasons grow sweeter as the years go by!

Favorite Living Books for Ancient History (3)

Our top picks for living books that cover Ancient times.

Laying Down the Rails (8)

Posts and comments about the five categories of habits Charlotte Mason mentioned in her writings.

Homeschool Handicrafts (3)

Ideas and practical tips from Charlotte Mason on including handicrafts in your home school.

Narration Q&A (18)

In which we answer your questions about this wonderfully versatile staple of the Charlotte Mason home school

Favorite Living Books for Geography (6)

Our favorite living books for learning about cultures around the world.

Masterly Inactivity (8)

Posts and comments about Charlotte Mason’s thoughts on allowing children freedom within boundaries.

Teaching Reading (5)

Charlotte Mason’s gentle and natural ideas for making reading lessons a delight.

Charlotte Mason's Living Math (4)

Techniques Charlotte Mason used to teach elementary arithmetic.

How to Do Charlotte Mason Methods (13)

Learn how to do each Charlotte Mason method.

Nature Study (8)

The beautiful picture that unfolded as we studied Charlotte Mason’s writings about Nature Study.

Three Practical Do Not's (3)

Three helpful gems taken from Charlotte Mason’s counsel to her student teachers.

The Power of Dictation (3)

How prepared dictation fits into the overall scheme of Charlotte Mason’s approach to language arts

Happy Results (13)

Real families tell how the Charlotte Mason method has worked in their home schools.

CM-Style Assessment (4)

Learn about the methods Charlotte Mason advocated for assessing short-term, intermediate, and long-term learning.

Picture Study (4)

The delightfully simple yet effective way that Charlotte Mason gave her students an appreciation for art.

Simple Tips for a Smooth Year (4)

Practical ideas to help make homeschool days flow smoother.

Habits Q & A (12)

Answers to reader questions about habit training.

Smooth and Easy Days (7)

Posts and comments based on Charlotte Mason’s principles of habit-training.

I Am, I Can, I Ought, I Will (5)

Thoughts on Charlotte’s motto for students and what it means to parents.

3 Little Words for Habit Training (3)

How a parent’s tact, watchfulness, and persistence play key roles in the child’s successful habit training.

Nature Study Q&A (9)

Karen Smith joins Sonya to answer reader questions about nature study.

Homeschool Physical Education (3)

Ideas from Charlotte Mason’s schools that we can use to encourage physical activity and recreation in our homeschools.

Three Questions for the Mother (3)

A look at the three foundational questions Charlotte encouraged mothers to answer as they plan their children’s education.

How Parents Help Their Children Form Habits (9)

It is the parent’s business to lay down and maintain the rails of good habits in a child’s life.

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Through the Grades (4)

An overview of how Charlotte Mason methods look in each grade, showing you the big picture and giving you confidence that this wonderful homeschool approach is enough.

Books & Things (7)

Charlotte Mason’s practical suggestions for using living books and things to give our children a real education.

Charlotte Mason: A Gentle Approach? (3)

Thoughts on whether the Charlotte Mason approach can accurately be described as gentle.

6 Tools for Self-Education (7)

Take a closer look at what Charlotte meant when she said, “There is no education but self-education” and how her methods embody the tools to do that.

How to Work on Good Habits (5)

Practical tips for working on good habits or character traits the Charlotte Mason way.

Homeschool Approaches (5)

How the Charlotte Mason approach differs from the other main homeschooling approaches.

Forming Just Opinions (4)

A look at Charlotte Mason’s encouragement and ideas toward forming just opinions—an important duty for each person in life.

Your Questions Answered: High School the Charlotte Mason Way (9)

Answers to reader questions about homeschooling through high school the Charlotte Mason way.

Parents' Motto in Math Lessons (3)

How Charlotte Mason math lessons support the parents’ motto that “education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.”

Making the Transition to CM (12)

Practical ideas and tips to help you make the transition to the Charlotte Mason Method in your home school.

A Growing Time (8)

Charlotte taught that the goal of education is growth—growing, not just knowing. This series discusses three essential elements to growth.

Favorite Living Books for Middle Ages & Renaissance History (5)

Our top picks for living books that cover the Middle Ages and Renaissance time periods.


Narration Basics (6)

Learn the basics of Charlotte Mason narration in this essential series.

The Early Years (8)

Practical counsel from Charlotte Mason for the preschool years.

Subject by Subject (18)

How to teach each school subject in a Charlotte Mason way.

Favorite Living Books for Early Modern History (5)

Our top picks for living books that cover the Early Modern time period.