Stop and Wait: Simple Tips for a Smooth Year, Part 1

Boy with puzzle pieces

Provide Variety: Simple Tips for a Smooth Year, Part 2

A couple of days ago a friend shared something exciting over lunch. She had been reading a book about the origins and use of colors throughout history. In it, the author mentioned several artists. My friend enthusiastically explained that she recognized many of them from our Picture Study Portfolios. In fact, some of the specific […]

Mom and daughter homeschool

Sequence Your Day: Simple Tips for a Smooth Year, Part 3

There seems to be a somewhat common misconception among homeschoolers—especially those who are new to the Charlotte Mason Method. Let’s set the record straight: the Charlotte Mason approach is not just living books. There is much more to Charlotte Mason than reading and narrating! Charlotte’s students wrote, sang, memorized, recited, drew, worked with manipulatives, went […]

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