Series How Parents Help Their Children Form Habits

It is the parent’s business to lay down and maintain the rails of good habits in a child’s life.

Support and Encouragement-sq

Parents Support the Will: Habit-Training, part 6

All of the things we have discussed over the past few weeks on habit-training—taking on the effort of decision, spotlighting the trigger, and adjusting the consequences—are ways to help support your child’s Will. Habit-training yourself depends on a strong Will…

Establishing Good Habits

Parents Give an Endowment: Habit-Training, part 7

The good habits you instill in your child’s life are an endowment. There is a subtle difference between an endowment and an investment. Habit-training yourself is an investment with a large return. An investment is something you usually do for…

Happy Family

Becoming a Gandy Dancer: Habit-Training, part 9

Do you remember what a “gandy dancer” is? Way back in the first post of this series we mentioned that “gandy dancer” was the nickname that was given to early railroad workers who laid and maintained the tracks. Parents are…