Series A Growing Time

Charlotte taught that the goal of education is growth—growing, not just knowing. This series discusses three essential elements to growth.

A Growing Time

Pull the Weeds: A Growing Time, Part 3

In front of our house is a little perennial garden. I often tell people how much I love perennials because “you just plant them and forget them.” But that’s not quite true. Every morning as we return from walking the…

A Growing Time

Nourish the Plant: A Growing Time, Part 4

Spring has certainly arrived here in Georgia! All around I see people outside doing yard work (and sneezing from the pollen)—breaking up the soil, pulling weeds, and cultivating their trees and gardens. Such a great reminder of what we’ve been…

A Growing Time

A Displaced Plant

Spring. A time of growth. The budding leaves and blooming phlox around my house are beautiful reminders of the truth that children learn in order to grow. Charlotte Mason believed that. Children learn in order to grow, not just to…

A Growing Time

While You’re Waiting

A few weeks ago as we backed the truck out of the driveway, I was delighted to see the first blossom on the Carolina Jessamine vine that grows around our mailbox on the curb. I had noticed several buds a…

A Growing Time School Year Edition

New Calendar Journal: A Growing Time

Yesterday we spent a delightful hour meandering around a pretty botanical garden near our home. Clouds of white azaleas lined the walkways, rosebuds of every color peeked around pillars, and fuzzy gray goslings trailed after their parents in the pond.…