Series Your Questions Answered: High School the Charlotte Mason Way

Answers to reader questions about homeschooling through high school the Charlotte Mason way.

Charlotte Mason Homeschool High School Planning

Serving the Feast in High School

Ask any parent of a high school student how much they spend on groceries and you will be reminded of a young adult’s healthy appetite. Teens require food and lots of it. Their bodies are growing at a phenomenal rate,…

Charlotte Mason Homeschool High School Scheduling

Scheduling with a High Schooler in the Mix

As homeschoolers, educating a child through the high school years is going to look different from a typical high school classroom situation. Most high schools are concerned with one thing: getting the course work done. But a Charlotte Mason-style home…

Charlotte Mason High School Courses Dual Enrollment

Challenging Courses and Dual Enrollment

When my husband John has a big job to do around the house, he doesn’t just pull out a hammer and start banging away, expecting it to do everything. He has a whole five-gallon bucket full of carefully selected and…