Let’s Talk about Narration (Narration Q&A, Part 1)

Narration Q&A, Part 4

The Simplest Way (Narration Q & A, part 4)

I like simple. Well, let me amend that statement. I like simple as long as it’s effective. As we continue our series on narration questions and answers, let’s look at a simple description Charlotte gave for using narration effectively. This one statement can answer several of your questions. Here’s her statement: “The simplest way of […]

Narration Q&A, Part 18

An Added Bonus (Narration Q & A, part 18)

When I started homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason Method, my focus was all on the children. I thought this endeavor was about giving my children the kind of education that I hadn’t received. Little did I suspect the added bonus that awaited me. You see, not only did my children receive a generous and enjoyable […]

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