Series Subject by Subject

How to teach each school subject in a Charlotte Mason way.

Charlotte Mason homeschooling subjects: History

Teaching History: Subject by Subject, Part 3

When I graduated from “the school of the yellow bus,” I knew next to nothing about history. Yes, I had made good grades, but very little about history had stuck. There was no reason to retain that mental list of…

Homeschool teaching subject by subject: Geography

Teaching Geography: Subject by Subject, Part 4

If you had mentioned geography to me twenty years ago, when I started homeschooling, my mind would have immediately visualized dusty maps with puzzling colored shapes and lists of imports, exports, and natural resources. Oh, and currency types. And sometimes…

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Subjects: Bible

Teaching Bible: Subject by Subject, Part 5

Of all the subjects we include in our children’s education, the most important should be their Bible lessons. When Charlotte Mason talked about the knowledge that is important to give our children, she cited, “First and chiefest is the knowledge…

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Subjects: Art

Teaching Art: Subject by Subject, Part 6

It seems that many schools either sprinkle a little art into the curriculum here and there as an afterthought or ignore it all together because of time constraints. Neither approach reflects the goal of a generous curriculum. Charlotte Mason approached…

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Subjects: Science

Teaching Science: Subject by Subject, Part 12

Charlotte Mason used a two-faceted approach to teaching science that was very effective: systematic studies and spontaneous discovery. The systematic studies were accomplished through reading and narrating living science books. The spontaneous facet was added through doing nature study. :…

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Subjects: Music

Teaching Music: Subject by Subject, Part 10

Charlotte recognized that not every student would become a virtuoso, but she understood that beauty and enjoyment can be added to life by appreciating good music, singing, and learning the basics of playing music. Here’s how to approach music in…