Outdoor Secrets nature book

“Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there stood in a large orchard a beautiful Apple-Tree. All through the long winter it had held out bare branches. The March sun whispered to it that spring had come. But the cold March winds were not a bit polite, and would say: ‘No, it hasn’t.’ . . .”

I dare say that many of us feel like that apple tree. Now that March is here, we all wish that spring has come with it. We are getting that itch to go outside, soak in the fresh air, and explore.

What a perfect time to read about nature secrets that may be hiding in your own backyard! And we have just the book to help you.

Originally published in 1903, Outdoor Secrets contains seventeen delightful nature stories for the young and young at heart. In fact, that opening paragraph above is how the first story in the book begins. You can read the entire story, plus some others, in the free sample available on our Web site.

We’re excited to make this book available once again. The whimsical artwork is interwoven throughout the words of the stories and adds to the sweetness of the collection. Plus, gentle life lessons are taught in these living tales.

Download your free sample today, curl up on the couch with your children, and read about spring as the March wind blows outside your window. These outdoor secrets will be sure to kindle a curiosity and excitement for nature study in your own backyard in the coming weeks.