I have fondly dubbed 2008 as “The Year of A/V.” Yes, due to numerous requests from our readers, SCM is jumping into audio and video this year. We hope to make audio and video recordings of several of our workshops so those of you who don’t live near our live events can still join in the fun and instruction.

In fact, we’ve already recorded our Reaching Your Child’s Heart workshop, and the audio is available today as a download. Reaching Your Child’s Heart is a mommy-to-mommy challenge about priorities in your home school that looks at six ways to reach the heart—taken from Elizabeth’s example in Luke 1—and three obstacles that can keep us from reaching the heart. We are in the process of making this recording available on CD as well.

We also plan to video-tape our All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar that is scheduled for March 29 here in the Atlanta area. Of course, attending the seminar live is always more fun because you can ask questions and network with other CMers. If you haven’t registered for the All-Day CM Seminar, do it today. (Then you can boast that you were there when it was taped!)

The new series that we will be starting next week, Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education, is actually the result of a two-day planning retreat that we held earlier this year. And guess what — that’s right! We video-taped it. The moms who attended were quite enthusiastic about our simple 5-step approach, and we’re eager to start sharing it with you next week. Hopefully, that video will be ready near the end of the series.


  1. I’m from NH – and don’t have ANY workshops or support groups near me!! I would LOVE to have some podcasts of what you offer!!! Can I download the audio to my IPOD (can you tell I’m still new at this). Do you offer any free downloads?

    Thank you,

    Christine Bullard

    • @Christine, Yes, you can use this with your iPod. It’s an MP3 file, which you can just drag into iTunes and synchronize with your iPod just like other audio.

  2. I absolutely love audios. It helps speed things aong when I don’t have time to read all of my books (although I love to read, but time doesn’t always allow me). I’ve always been very interested in attending training classes/workshops to learn and grow in my current topic of interest.

    I’m interested in the following audios. I would also be interested in specials (if you buy X amount of audios for a better deal or buy X amount and get X amount free). Just an idea.

    * CM & Her Methods
    * Fine Arts the CM Way
    * Spelling & Handwriting Wisdom
    * A CM All Day Seminar
    * Laying Down the Rails
    * Discipleship is….
    * Reaching your Child’s Heart

    Thanks and God bless!

    Sharon Nelson
    Topeka, KS

  3. I apologize, but I forgot to add “Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education.” I am 110% interested in purchasing the video.

    God bless and thank you for all that you do. Your website has helped me tremendously (this is my 1st year trying to implement CM methodology) in so many ways it’s impossible to verbalize it, but to say Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


    Sharon Nelson

  4. I’d like to see the presentation “Laying Down the Rails” done as a video taped session. It’s so foundational, and we moms would have mutiny in the home, if we don’t begin forming these habits in our children early on.

  5. Ooops! I mean: “Laying Down the Rails” as AUDIO. I don’t know if there’s benefit to making a video, since I don’t know what is involved in the session! I would definitely listen to an audio of this presentation, no problem there, just pop it in and listen as we drive, or eat lunch, etc.! However, sitting to watch a video, I’d have to make time for that, and it’s less likely that would happen.

  6. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ability to access any of your workshops which I just realized you have when you announced A/V availibility in your email. I would be interested in any you have listed, but most especially Laying Down the Rails and the practical how to implement workshops you have listed on the various aspects of CM such as poetry, music, spelling, etc.

    Thank you!

  7. All of the workshops look wonderful, but if I had to pick I would pick: Charlotte Mason and Her Methods, Fine Arts the Charlotte Mason Way, Spelling and Handwriting Wisdom, Laying Down the Rails and Discipleship Is . . ..
    I am really pleased that you will be putting these on audio as I would love to have them on my ipod. I live in Nebraska but if I lived closer I would probably be living at your workshops. Thanks for thinking of us that can’t make it there!

    Dawn Schulz

  8. Please make all of your workshops and seminars available on video or audio! 🙂

  9. Hello, My name is Linda Huff. I’m a missionary in Japan. I’d like to have access to the seminars. (most of them actually). How do I go about viewing them?

    Thank you for your kind help.

    • Hi, Linda –

      Thanks for your interest in our presentations. We don’t have any of our seminars or workshops available for viewing yet. We’re still in the process of taping and editing them as they are presented. We’ll be sure to post a notice whenever any of them are ready.

  10. Please make them all available! Knowing that they can’t all be available at once, I would like to request Laying Down the Rails to be an early addition, if possible. Thanks!

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