Reaching Your Child’s Heart


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Reaching Your Child’s Heart

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A mommy-to-mommy challenge about your priorities in your home school. Is your focus on academics and performance or on reaching your child’s heart? In this live workshop recording, Sonya draws six principles from Luke 1 that we can use to help us reach our children’s hearts. See full description

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Product Description

A mommy-to-mommy challenge about priorities in your home school.

  • Challenging—Asks you to consider what is most important in your home school: your child’s performance or your child’s heart.
  • Encouraging—Looks at six attitudes and actions that will help you reach your child’s heart.
  • Biblical—Draws principles from Elizabeth’s example in Luke 1 as she touched Mary’s heart.
  • Helpful—Points out three obstacles that can hinder you from reaching your child’s heart.
  • Practical—Filled with real-life illustrations, personal experiences, and practical how-to’s.

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5 reviews for Reaching Your Child’s Heart

  1. Amy Bailey

    One thing I love about Sonya’s workshops are that she is so honest and right on a mother’s level about everything. She has the ability to inspire mothers, so they in turn can inspire their children. This seminar awakened me to the main purpose I first had when I started homeschooling my children 3 years ago. It’s not just about the books, curriculum, and fun activities. It’s about so much more than that. It’s about reaching a place in your child that inspires them to want to know more, and to do their best, because they want to. It’s about knowing your child inside and out, as a human being, not just a child or a pupal. Sonya’s workshop is all that, rolled into one.

  2. Lauren Johnston

    Wow! I just listened to this and it was so sweetly convicting. The message was simple yet direct. Honest yet gracious. This is a message from the Lord that all parents should hear about reaching the heart of their kids for God. I really want my church to hear this and I will be listening to it repeatedly until it’s written on my heart.

    Thanks and Appreciation to Sonya…

  3. Di

    Are there any methods described on this about HOW to make progress with a child who you feel you are not reaching their little heart and to bring out the best in them. I can ask myself questions all day long and be doubtful but I need to know a way forward. Please and Thank you

    • Sonya Shafer

      The principles in this passage are very practical, Di. For instance, we see Elizabeth’s example of being available and approachable and discuss what that looks like. We talk about her example of giving affirming words that address what the child is experiencing in the moment. Of course, every situation is different, every child is different, but we focus on what we as moms can do on our part and cover it in prayer. Hope this helps.

  4. Diane

    Hi…I saw the last question and thought I should tell you about the book Shepherding your Child’s Heart by pastor Ted Tripp. It gives direct instruction about how to make meant what you talk about in this presentation. Perhaps it could be a useful resource?

  5. Kacie

    Excellent talk! I enjoyed it last night and I will be sure to listen again, probably yearly, as part of my planning-mode materials and resetting myself as a homeschool mom. This topic of reaching our children’s hearts is so, so important, and it is easy (at least for me) to not place it as high of a priority as it deserves.

    The audio quality was excellent.

    Looking forward to listening to more from Sonya. (Also, if there are any recordings past or future from seminars that will be available to purchase, I would love to buy them!)

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