CM Blog Carnival

We’re pleased to be the host for this 11th edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival! This edition is dedicated to Mother Culture and to all those mothers who need a good mental “airing” during these last weeks of winter.

“What we need is a habit of taking our minds out of what one is tempted to call ‘the domestic rag-bag’ of perplexities, and giving it a good airing in something which keeps it ‘growing’ ” (Parents Review, Vol. 3, No. 2).

So grab a cup of tea (or a Coke), put your feet up, and enjoy a good “airing” with Mother Culture!

Refocus Your Perspective

First, let’s talk about making the decision to carve out some time for recharging your own batteries.

Refresh Yourself

We could all use some ideas for refreshing and rest. Maybe what some of these moms wrote will become your new Mother Culture favorite. Take a look at . . .

Rejuvenate Your Mind

Learning plays a big role in growing and Mother Culture.

Reflect Your Creativity

Expressing your creativity can be a wonderful aspect of Mother Culture!

Revitalize Your Homeschool

Our day goes easier and our spirits feel lighter when a friend shares an idea that worked well in her homeschool, we try it, and it succeeds famously. So here are ideas for your homeschool from some friends.

Renew Your Vision

It’s always helpful to take a break and focus on what is really important. Done correctly, Mother Culture is not a selfish practice, for ultimately, your children are the ones who will reap the benefits.

We hope this issue of the CM Blog Carnival has been a time of mental “airing” and growing for you. But, ladies, please don’t let it stop here; let’s make Mother Culture a habit all year round.

“If we would do our best for our children, grow we must; and on our power of growth surely depends, not only our future happiness, but our future usefulness.

“Is there, then, not need for more ‘Mother Culture’?” (Parents Review, Vol. 3, No. 2).

(SCM is hosting and presents the entries to the blog carnival but does not necessarily endorse or agree with the opinions expressed by the individual bloggers.)

The next edition of the CM Blog Carnival will be held at The Heart of Harmony on March 4. Thanks, Barb!


  1. Ahh, just what I needed on a very cold and snowy February day. Thanks, SCM and contributors.
    Michelle D

  2. Hello! Been looking forward to this. Thanks for taking the time to host the carnival. Enjoy your site as well.

  3. I have a question. I enjoyed this so much, but I rarely read blogs and at the moment do not have one. But this was a very helpful format to me. I just have a hard time reading a large number of blogs regularly and getting just people’s musings and thoughts–I don’t have time to do that. But I’d love to read more blog carnivals on CM topics. If this is the eleventh edition–are there others? Where might I find them? Will there be ones in the future? Is there a way I can find out about them if I do not blog myself? I need a blog-savvier person to help, I think! 🙂
    Michelle D

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