There is such a feeling of anticipation and wonder that sweeps over a person when she walks into a library full of resources! I remember standing in the main entrance of one such library and thinking, This place must be full of ideas! Then just as quickly came a second thought: With all of these books on all of these shelves on all of these floors, how am I ever going to find what I’m looking for? Happily, the library had an organized system for helping me find resources on the topic I was studying.

SCM has been growing quite a collection of helpful articles and videos over the years. We currently have more than 400 articles, including 33 series, with practical tips for learning and incorporating Charlotte Mason methods, as well as inspiring encouragement for your homeschool journey.

And now, as part of our new website design, we have an organized system to assist you in easily locating the articles and videos you need on the topics you’re interested in. We’re pleased to introduce the new SCM Learning Library.

SCM Learning Library

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These are just a handful of the helpful resources you’ll find in our SCM Learning Library. You can browse our collection of videos on an assortment of subjects and search our hundreds of articles by topic, by date, or by series.

Whatever you’re looking for, the SCM Learning Library will help you find it quickly.

Save time. Be encouraged. We’re here to help.