Learning Library Videos

Sometimes it’s easier to see something demonstrated or listen to someone explain than to just read about it. Here are some helpful SCM videos on a variety of Charlotte Mason-related subjects.

The Natural Progression of Language Arts

Sonya Shafer walks you through the way Charlotte Mason taught language arts as a natural progression.

Did Charlotte Mason use living books to teach math?

In this video, Richele Baburina (author of Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching) and Sonya Shafer discuss whether Charlotte used living books in her math lessons.


Should you teach your child phonics rules? How do you handle exceptions to the rules? Sonya Shafer explains in this excerpt from the Enjoying the Early Years seminar.


An explanation of how Charlotte Mason approached teaching grammar.

Student and Parent Mottoes

A discussion of what Charlotte Mason’s student and parent mottoes mean in your homeschool.

The Five Flavors of Homeschooling

There are five main styles, or flavors, of homeschooling. Learn about each homeschool flavor and choose the one that best fits your family in this free half-hour workshop.

Scripture Memory System

A simple system to help your family develop the habit of memorizing and remembering Scripture in just a few minutes per day.

Picture Study Demonstration

Charlotte Mason taught art appreciation through the gentle and inviting method of picture study. This video demonstrates how you can easily use picture study in your own homeschool.

Basic and Intensive Phonics

Should you teach all the phonics rules to your child? What’s the difference between a basic and intensive phonics approach? Sonya Shafer demonstrates both ways and shares Charlotte Mason’s ideas on teaching children how to read.

Swedish Drill Demonstration

Charlotte Mason wrote about using Swedish Drill as part of her physical education program for her students. This video gives some simple examples of Swedish Drill that you can use and expand on in your homeschool.

About Twaddle

Charlotte Mason described some less desirable books as “twaddle.” In this video Sonya Shafer talks about twaddle, how to identify it, and how to choose good living books for your child’s homeschool education.

Book of Centuries Q&A

Sonya Shafer answers questions about a Book of Centuries, which is a Charlotte Mason homeschool timeline in a notebook.

Prepared Dictation

A demonstration of the Charlotte Mason method of prepared dictation, and an explanation of how you can use it in your homeschool. Charlotte Mason used this effective method to teach spelling and to reinforce grammar and composition skills with her students.


Sonya Shafer introduces the topic of teaching your children good habits as a foundation for smooth and easy days.


An explanation of the Charlotte Mason method of narration.