sprucing up

As February winds down and March peeks around the corner, the promise of spring somehow starts to grow even before the daffodils. And with the promise of spring comes the urge to spruce things up a bit. Seed catalogs, paint chips, and DIY blogs take on a new attraction as we make plans to give areas around the house a new look with the new season.

Well, SCM is going to have a new look too. This weekend we will be launching a new spruced-up website for simplycharlottemason.com. Though it is fitting that we reveal it as we near the springtime, this new design has been many, many months in the making. And we’re excited about its premier!

The launch of the newly designed website means that we will have a bit of down time this weekend as we get everything in place. This down time will not affect the CM Organizer & Bookfinder or the SCM Discussion Forum; you should still be able to access those features with uninterrupted service. It’s just the main site that will be, as it were, moving behind a curtain for a bit in order to don its new look.

And when it emerges from behind the curtain later this weekend, you will see how beautifully its been spruced up.

  • Cleaner and Simpler—You know we’re all about simple here at SCM. We’ve grown over the years and added more and more to the website in the process, so one objective in this new design is to recapture a clean and simple look that will keep your visits pleasant.
  • Easier to Find Helpful Articles—We now have hundreds of articles on the site that give practical tips and how-to advice on everything from Art to Zaner Bloser handwriting. Look for our new Learning Library to quickly help you find just what you need when you need it.
  • Easier to Navigate on Mobile Devices—Those of you who like to access websites on your smart phone or tablet will appreciate how easy the new site will be to navigate on your mobile device. This is a key goal in the new design.

Of course, as with any project, we will continue to make minor tweaks and adjustments as we go along. But we think you will enjoy the new look and great new features that will be in place at simplycharlottemason.com after we’ve spruced things up a bit.


  1. This all sounds wonderful! I trust you’ll roll out a beautiful new website design. I’m really looking forward to it! I’m excited to see a mention of one of my favorite programs, Zaner-Bloser handwriting because I’ve always loved that your workbooks are available in their font style. Print to Cursive Proverbs is my favorite!! So I’m looking forward to what other tips you could give.

    Do you take suggestions for ideas for articles to add to the Learning Library?

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