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About a year ago we were scouring the shelves of an antique book store and came across a world history book for “young readers.” We gave it the one-page test and couldn’t put it down.

The author had such a wonderful gift of helping the reader to see the story with the mind’s eye, plus he told the story in such a grandfatherly tone, that we knew we wanted to get this treasure into everyone’s hands. It was fascinating for all ages!

The stories covered many of the years included in our Early Modern history module, but we needed to round out the years that were missing. And so the work began on Stories of the Nations, Volume 1. Sonya added a few chapters, and a new friend and gifted writer, Lorene Lambert, added a few more chapters. Then we found some wonderful historical maps that aptly illustrated what the author was referring to and tucked those into the book as well. The result is a wonderful little world history that covers 1550 to 1850 and introduces world people and events to your children, Stories of the Nations, Volume 1.

But that’s not the best part of the story.

After we started work on Stories of the Nations, we came to the conclusion that we needed a good American history book too. One that would fit well into a year-long study and still leave lots of time to read all those other great living books about American history. One evening as Sonya was passing her old-books shelf, her eye fell upon a history book that had been overlooked in the search. The stories were delightful. In fact, they had a very familiar tone to them. She flipped to the title page and discovered that this book had been written by the same author as the world history book, Charles Morris!

Again, it needed a few chapters to round it out, but Stories of America was soon born and sported some of those great historical maps too.

And now both books have just arrived from the printer and are available to you to share with your children and enjoy together. Stories of the Nations, Volume 1, covers from Queen Elizabeth through Garibaldi. Stories of America, Volume 1, covers Columbus through the Alamo (pre-Civil war).

Plus, if you would like to have daily lesson plans that show how to use both books for a year of Charlotte-Mason style studies, our new Early Modern & Epistles handbook has just arrived from the printer too. This handbook—the fifth in our Family Study series—is designed to show you how to teach all your children together, grades 1–12, for history, geography, and Bible. In fact, it will show you how to put together all the books in our Early Modern history module.

Check out our new history resources:

Free sample of each are available for download.

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  1. Those sound great! I just discovered Charles Morris myself last year and he is wonderful! We’ve been using his Historical Tales:Rome for our history text this semester and my son has thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I am always keeping an eye out for Charles Morris books.

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