Homeschool Convention Tips and Help

Worn out at the homeschool convention

As you read this we will be on our way to another homeschool convention, this time in Duluth, Minnesota. Conventions can be great opportunities to recharge your batteries, discover new resources, and connect with kindred spirits.

They can also become overwhelming, tiring, and expensive if you’re not prepared.

So here are some short articles that we hope will help you to enter the convention doors well prepared and to leave well satisfied.

Helpful Convention Articles

Read Preparing for a Homeschool Convention to discover 7 simple steps that will give you confidence as you navigate the exhibit hall.

If you will be looking for math curriculum, Choosing a Homeschool Math Curriculum will give you the components to look for in order to select a curriculum that follows Charlotte Mason principles.

For those of you who are struggling with language arts, we have two suggestions. First, download the free sample of Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing: A Charlotte Mason Language Arts Handbook. In the beginning sections it will give you a chart of what a CM-style language arts program should cover in each grade. Look through those suggestions to see what pieces you need to put into place to make sure you have this language arts thing covered.

Second, refresh your grasp of how Charlotte Mason taught language arts by reading the Language Arts in the Charlotte Mason Method series. Once you have a handle on how to teach the different parts, you will be able to evaluate the resources you see and determine which ones will be the best tools to accomplish your goals in a CM-friendly way.

One thing is certain: as you walk the exhibit hall, you will see books, books, and more books. Choosing Books Like a Connoisseur will give you 6 tests to use in finding good living books.

If you haven’t started planning yet, do that first! This series on Planning will give you the basic overview of the five steps that Sonya has used for many years to design a custom plan that fits her family. If you would like all the details, ideas, tips, and handy planning charts, take a look at the Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education book and DVD.

We hope to see you at upcoming homeschool conventions and book fairs. And we hope you will be feeling prepared and confident with a little help from these articles and tips.

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  1. Thanks Sonya! Those were good reminders. As I prepare for my local convention I’ve also pulled out your all-day seminar to re-watch during free time in the afternoons. I think having that fresh on my mind will help with the mental sorting as I peruse the vendor booths!

    I think your reminder to prepare is so helpful, I have a friend who won’t even attend the convention because she feels overwhelmed…..but it makes me sad that she is missing such a great opportunity to hear teaching and be exposed to resources. Your planning tips seem like the solution.

    Back to my goals and overview chart…..:o)

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