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Favorite Books Middle Ages Family

Favorite Middle Ages and Renaissance Books for the Whole Family

We’ve been sharing our favorite books for studying the Middle Ages and Renaissance, telling a little about each title and breaking it down by age range. So far we’ve covered grades 1–3, grades 4–6, grades 7–9, and grades 10–12. What’s left? Well, today I want to give you some titles that are great for all […]

High School Middle Ages Living Books

Favorite Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation Books for Grades 10–12

I’ve been sharing some of my top picks for Middle Ages and Renaissance books for different age groups. Today I want to talk about my favorite books for grades 10 through 12. Now, remember, these are not the typical high school textbooks that you probably used during your own school years. These are living books—books […]

My Book of Centuries

Having a Grand Time in 1800

The past few weeks I’ve been having a grand time “living” in 1800 thanks to two friends of mine. Christie you may already know. She designed My Book of Centuries with its helpful guides that give gentle direction for the user: designated spaces for sketches of artifacts, lists of noteworthy people, narrations of the centuries, […]

Matthew and Europe history and geography lesson plans

Ancient Rome and Visits to Europe Books Are Here!

We’re pleased to announce that the newly revised Second Edition of Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome is now available, along with another new geography notebook, Visits to Europe! The daily lesson plans in Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome, Second Edition, feature some wonderful new books, expanded assignments for the older students (for more […]


The Familiar Face of a Friend

This spring I am learning to treasure a certain Charlotte Mason phrase more deeply than ever. Charlotte talked about recognizing “the familiar face of a friend.” As we travel to various homeschool conventions across the country, it is a joy to meet new people; but there is something about recognizing the familiar face of a […]

Modern Times, Stories of America 2, Stories of the Nations 2 homeschool history books

Three New Modern History Books

Simply Charlotte Mason is delighted to announce three new resources to help you teach modern history in a living way! The new books cover people and events from 1850 to the present day—both American history and world history. Over the years I’ve discovered that the modern time period is one of the most difficult to […]

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