New Book: Laying Down the Rails for Yourself

Laying Down the Rails for Yourself

Thousands of families have benefited from Charlotte Mason’s wonderful counsel on habit-training children. The timeless strategies she outlined continue to change homes around the world.

Yet, as I travel and speak on habit-training, parents often approach me with this concern: “I want to cultivate good habits in my children, but how can I do that when I don’t have the necessary good habits myself?”

If you are a struggling adult—or if you simply want to keep growing in good habits—Simply Charlotte Mason presents an exciting new book just for you: Laying Down the Rails for Yourself: Good Habits Are Not Just for Kids!

Throughout its chapters we take a look at powerful word pictures that Charlotte used to describe habits. We focus on the main principles behind the word pictures and pull from them helpful and practical tips for instilling good habits in our own lives as adults.

It’s never too late to cultivate good habits! In Laying Down the Rails for Yourself you will discover how habits are

  • like railroad tracks, making your days run smoother and easier.
  • a powerful lever, enabling you to do things you never thought you could.
  • like a well-trained horse, helping you overcome your natural tendencies.
  • the result of conflict, teaching you the secrets of strengthening your will power.
  • a parent’s business, pointing out how habit-training yourself is different from habit-training your child.
  • little hammers, shaping and molding who you are becoming.
  • a thing of now, encouraging you to start today!

This new book joins the Laying Down the Rails family of resources, all designed to encourage and equip you to cultivate the power of good habits in your children, in your home school, and now in your own life.

You can successfully instill good habits!

Start laying down some rails for yourself!

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  1. This is the most useful book that I have ever read on habit forming skills. I simply love it. I will probably read it three times before I can put it down. Thank you for making what seems unattainable clear and simple!

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