Laying Down the Rails for Children Good Habits Curriculum

We’ve been talking about instilling good habits. Charlotte Mason likened that process to laying down railroad tracks upon which our children’s lives can run smoothly, without a lot of unnecessary bumping and jolting.

Many people have told us that these habit-training concepts along with the practical tips found in the award-winning book, Laying Down the Rails, have changed their families and homes! What a blessing!

I love to present the workshop based on those concepts at homeschool conventions across the country! And it seems like whenever I talk about laying down the rails of good habits, I usually get two questions:

Q: Should I focus on one habit per person or one habit for the whole family?
A: It’s easier to keep your sanity if you focus on one at a time for the whole family. Yes, the current habit may be easier for some children than for others, but that dynamic will probably shift with the next habit focus you choose. And it never hurts to encourage a child to continue to do well.

Q: Where can I find good books and other material that will motivate my children toward these good habits?
A: Have we got an exciting announcement for you! Read on.

Laying Down the Rails for Children

SCM is pleased to announce Laying Down the Rails for Children: A Habit-Training Companion, a wonderful collection of classic stories, beautiful poems, Bible passages, life activities, and inspiring quotations to use in habit training. It’s as if the author, Lanaya Gore, has handed us motivation at our fingertips!

This companion to the original Laying Down the Rails covers all 60+ habits that Charlotte Mason recommended. It takes you by the hand and helps you put into practice the ideas that Charlotte presented, one at a time.

With Laying Down the Rails for Children, you will

  • Feed minds with the wonderful ideas nestled in classic stories, beautiful poems, Bible passages, and powerful quotations.
  • Inspire hearts to practice the habit you are focusing on by keeping it in the forefront of your family’s thoughts, discussing practical aspects of it, and enjoying pointed life activities around it.
  • Encourage action, using the handy Parent Prep section to guide your thoughts and outline a personal plan for your family to practice the habit of your choice.
  • Build habits for years to come!

If you don’t already have the original Laying Down the Rails book, be sure to check out the special bundle pricing available when you get both titles. Download the free sample and see how Laying Down the Rails for Children will become your treasured companion as you lay down the rails of good habits in your family!


  1. What an exciting addition to the SCM offerings! Can I ask what the price will be once it goes up? I have several things I want to order from SCM, but I’m sort of waiting till the new things are available in the fall. I’m wondering if it’s worth it to pay the extra shipping for this now, or to just wait. 🙂

  2. What a terrific resource. This is just what I am looking for. I’ve longed for some clear explanation and guidance on how to go about habit training the CM way, and this looks like the answer. Thank You!

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