I recently got a new printer for my computer, and as I was unpacking it I came upon a huge stack of user documents. My heart sank. The amount of information was a bit overwhelming. It was all helpful, to be sure; but the sheer volume of it all looked intimidating, and I didn’t know where to begin.

Then my gaze fell upon these welcome words: Quick Start. There, in a simple four-page brochure, were the basic steps I needed to get up and running right away.

Some of you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with habit training. Charlotte Mason had a lot to say about it, and the sheer volume of information might look intimidating.

Never fear. The quick-start version is now available: the Laying Down the Rails workshop!

Our Laying Down the Rails workshop is great for a quick introduction to habit training. In less than an hour Sonya will give you the basic principles of habit training, lots of real-life examples, an overview of Charlotte Mason habits, and practical how-to’s for the top three habits.

Recorded live, this habits workshop is now available on DVD, on CD, or as an audio MP3 download.

Get the quick-start Laying Down the Rails workshop today and start instilling good habits tomorrow!