Did you ever have a project that expanded? I started on a little project last year and just completed it last week. In the process it expanded into quite a large project! Here’s the story.

In the years that I’ve been using a Charlotte Mason-style education with my children, I have frequently heard people refer to the importance Charlotte placed on habits, frequently read portions in her writings about habits, and just as frequently wished there were someplace I could find all of her comments on habits compiled. “A complete list of all the habits she mentioned would be nice,” I would think, “and a collection of her thoughts and suggestions arranged with each habit would be even better!”

I never found one. So I set out to make my own. That was my “little project.” I thought I would find about twenty habits mentioned in her writings. Instead, I found about sixty. Then I figured, “If I’ve always wanted a collection like this, maybe some other CMers would like one too.” So I added more of Charlotte’s comments on habits in general, her comments on breaking bad habits, a habits checklist that many of you said you would appreciate having, a few of my own practical tips, and—my “little project” turned into a 224-page book!

The book is called Laying Down the Rails: A Charlotte Mason Habits Handbook and it’s available now!

As always, a free sample is also available for you to download.

Next week we’ll talk more about the habits I found, but I wanted to let you know about the book as soon as it was ready. I hope my “little project” will help you as you seek to lay down the rails of habit “on which the life of the child may run henceforth with little jolting.”

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  1. I am tempted to buy the book right now, this very minute. I will, however, use self-control and try out the sample pages first. As far as I’m concerned, a book like this should be given out at the baby shower.

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