Since Laying Down the Rails, our new habits book, was released we have received many requests for a printed version. Today we’re happy to announce that Laying Down the Rails is now available in printed form!

You can order your choice of the new printed version or the e-book on our Web site.

We are using Laying Down the Rails to see how it goes as we consider doing more printed books. Would you like the option of more of our books in printed form? Let us know.

Next time we’ll finish up the five categories of habits with a look at the Religious Habits Charlotte mentioned.


  1. Books are so conveniently transportable. I carry my choosen book of the month on my tote bag and seem to do alot of reading that way. I am so pleased to know you have chosen to print “Laying Down the Rails” Thanks

  2. Please give us the option to buy the printed version. I get very frustrated trying to down load books.

  3. Hi,
    I would like to see Wisdom of Proverbs in print. I rather read a book than having to look everything up on a computer. Thanks

  4. Please do offer as much as you can in print. Ther’s nothing like holding a good book in your hand! 🙂 Plus they are portable.

  5. I would like to see more of your books in print. I like ebooks and print them out to place them in a binder but there is something about a book that is attached to value to me.

    I recently purchased Spelling Wisdom for my son and it is a wonderful resource. I would comment it would be just as, if not more useful to me if it were condensed. In printing the ebook it would have been better if I could have just printed the sayings or to have them printed 5-10 per sheet. That said it was still well worth the paper it was printed on and the ink to print it! Thank you for this great help.

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