Fabulous New Living Book on the Middle Ages

A Castle with Many Rooms

We are so excited to announce a new living history book for the whole family: A Castle with Many Rooms: The Story of the Middle Ages!

Now you and your children can follow the fascinating story of the Middle Ages from the Fall of Rome to the Renaissance, Reformation, and Scientific Revolution. From Europe to Africa, the Americas, Middle East, and Asia.

When you spend time in A Castle with Many Rooms, you will

  • discover a beautiful tapestry that unrolls a 950-year-old tale,
  • join the hunt for the prestigious green feathers of a quetzal bird,
  • follow the adventures of a 16-year-old boy as he builds the largest empire on earth,
  • learn how a jail sentence opened up a whole new world to the East,
  • watch a hammer stop an onslaught and change the course of history,
  • meet a prince who explored the coast of Africa without stepping onto a ship,
  • and witness an explosion that marked the end of an era.

All of this is awaiting you in A Castle with Many Rooms: The Story of the Middle Ages.

Use A Castle with Many Rooms as your main tour guide through the Middle Ages—your spine book—then feel free to bring other great living books alongside and linger longer with any of the people and events along the way. The colorful vintage maps and handy pronunciation guide will keep your tour running smoothly.

Download the free sample and get caught up in the picturesque narrative. Your whole family is sure to enjoy this captivating new living history book by Lorene Lambert, the same author who wrote the popular Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors.


  1. What books will this be replacing in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation guide? I already purchased this guide, but I’m intrigued in the new one.

    • A Castle with Many Rooms will be used as the Family spine book for the second edition of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation guide. Famous Men of the Middle Ages and Famous Men of the Renaissance and Reformation have been moved to the older grades as independent reading assignments, and the Louise Vernon books have been consolidated to only The Bible Smuggler as a Family read. There are some other book list changes in the various grade level book assignments, but those are the main changes that were made to Family readings in light of the new spine.

      A few other major changes that you will see in the second edition of the guide: it will incorporate the new The Stuff They Left Behind: From the Days of the Middle Ages portfolio and Visits to South & Central America and Australia. Plus, the Family Bible study lessons will be included directly in the plans.

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