Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors
Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors


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Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors

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A fascinating narrative of life in Ancient Egypt intertwined with captivating stories of the other civilizations that existed alongside her—neighbors far and near. Makes the ancient world come alive! (Grades 1–12)

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Product Description

Make the ancient world come alive!

With this captivating narrative, you will explore all that made Egypt famous: her powerful pharaohs; the mystery of her hieroglyphs; her unique art, pervading religion, and towering pyramids.

But you will also discover the stories of her neighbors, far and near, as you read about the secrets of a chalk horse and giant stones in Great Britain, the puzzle of a vanished people in the Indus Valley, the charging bull that the Ancient Minoans could not leap over, why writing on turtle shells assured a lasting dynasty in Ancient China, and much more.

Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors

  • gives your child a wonderful panorama of the ancient world with its diverse cultures and civilizations.
  • agrees with the Biblical account of creation and the beginning of man. You will find no evolutionary comments or allusions to millions of years and savage humans.
  • brings a personal element to history by telling the stories of real people to whom your child can relate.
  • is appropriate and interesting for young and old. This title is recommended as the family history spine book for the Genesis through Deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt module in the SCM Curriculum Guide (replacing the out-of-print Oxford book).
  • supports the worship of the one true God and a Biblical worldview. The author clearly explains the beliefs of ancient civilizations but does not sensationalize or condone them.
  • lays a solid foundation and shows how fascinating world history can be!

Make the ancient world come alive! Spend some time with Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors!

Printed Book or Audiobook

Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors is also available as an audiobook read by Sonya Shafer. Now you can assign your children to listen to a chapter while you work on other things, or just give your reading voice a rest and enjoy having someone else pronounce those ancient names! This 285-minute recording is available as an audio download.

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Running Time

285 minutes

Read By

Sonya Shafer


Grade 12, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 1

Lesson Plan

Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt


Check out these ideas that correspond to Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors, including how to use it to replace the out-of-print Oxford First Ancient History.

12 reviews for Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors

  1. Diane E. Neill

    So far we are enjoying it. It’s so helpful to have something that goes along with the curriculum. I was usually able to find supplemental material at the library but it was time consuming and not always the “fit” I wanted. Now that we are living overseas, that is not an option so it’s great to have this book!

    Any chance books like this good be in Kindle format in the future? The PDF is difficult to read on our eReader. This is not as important with the books that I read (i.e. the history handbook) but my 6-year-old daughter wants to read this herself. Knowing how she has read and re-read your other materials, I know she would eat this up, however she can’t read the PDF well enough – the font is too small and, if we zoom in, then it is too difficult for her to navigate. We would love to see your electronic materials become more kid-friendly! (The 4 stars, instead of 5, are simply because we are limited to make this a read-aloud.)

    • Jordan Smith

      Glad you’re enjoying it!

      We are hoping to start trickling out more of our exisiting books in Kindle and EPUB formats. (We’re not ready to say when yet because we’re waiting on software updates that are out of our control.) If you log in when you purchase e-books, your purchases will be associated with your account. Then when we add more e-book formats you’ll be able to log back in and download the other versions at no additional charge.

  2. swelb21

    We have the audio cd’s and my kids, ages 5 and 7 absolutely EAT IT UP! They ask to listen over and over and are constantly telling me about the things they are learning from it (this year, this was not our module, so they just listen to it for fun sometimes), and I am loving the bits I have heard–Sonya is a very gifted narrator. My daughter says “it is very interesting to hear about everything like all the wars and I love that she [Sonya] tells me that ‘we know there is one true God, but they believed in many gods'”–great to be able to listen to something from a trusted Biblical worldview. We are excited to use this when we get to this module–thank you again for such a great resource. Love it!

  3. Broad Horizons

    I was excited to see that the audiobook was the same price as the ebook, and thrilled to let someone else read this to my children, since we do lots of read alouds in our schooling and my voice gets tired. We’re enjoying the book, however, I was frustrated to discover that the entire book is one large “track”. That makes it difficult to copy onto my phone or iPad for listening on the go (because it’s such a large file) and also makes it challenging to find our place in the book to start listening where we left off. I have to remember to write down the time at the end of each chapter to know where to start up again the next time. This would definitely get 5 stars if each chapter was a separate track.

    • Jordan Smith

      Thanks for your feedback on the audiobook download. Did you notice that the file has chapter markers in it so that you can jump to each chapter? In iTunes, you should see a menu called “Chapters” while the audiobook is playing that will let you select the chapter you want. It looks like iOS 7 doesn’t allow this on an iPad, unfortunately, but it should be there in earlier versions.

  4. Heather

    Jordan, is it possible for you to list the time stamps for each chapter for those of us with a version that does not display the chapters? Thanks!

    • Jordan Smith

      Sure! Here’s a list of each chapter and the time where it begins in the download file:

      1. The Black Land and the Red: 0:00
      2. Land Between the Rivers: 13:13
      3. The Mound of the Dead: 29:46
      4. Monuments of Kings: 43:33
      5. Silent Giants: 57:57
      6. The Painter’s Rulebook: 1:08:34
      7. Hammurabi the Lawgiver: 1:21:52
      8. Turtle Shells and Emperors: 1:37:34
      9. Leaping the Bull: 1:53:48
      10. Desert Princes: 2:08:29
      11. Erased from Eternity: 2:23:13
      12. Opening a Door Long Locked: 2:38:55
      13. The Transformation of Akhenaten: 2:55:40
      14. Howard Carter’s Wonderful Discovery: 3:09:28
      15. Ramses the Great: 3:27:19
      16. Men of Iron: 3:42:15
      17. Merchants, Policemen, and Kings: 3:55:46
      18. Live and Die by the Sword: 4:08:49
      19. Cyrus the Great: 4:23:08
      20. A Lasting Legacy: 4:38:11
  5. Heather

    Very helpful, thank you!

  6. Jami

    This is a great resource and I love the audio download option, but I agree with the review above. The one track of the download is a challenge to deal with. There are no chapter options as suggested above. I have to manually scroll to the track time (thanks for at least posting those!). I have copied the track times posted above in my Onenote so we can find our next reading. It would be nice not to have to look this up each time.

  7. Anne

    I have been reading this out loud to my 2nd and 5th grader. We all love it! It is full of fascinating information about Egypt and her neighbors (the chapter called Silent Giants about stone monuments in present-day UK was especially interesting). My 7th grader is reading it to himself and actually finds it hard to put down! Though it is written for grade school students I think I will have my high schooler read it as well to supplement his knowledge of ancient history. It is easy to read, engaging and informative. It is NOT a history textbook but rather a book written to show the flow of the story of ancient civilization. Two thumbs up!

  8. Kayla R.

    Fantastic resource! My five children, ages 4 through 11, always beg to listen to more. “Just one more chapter, please mom?!” Thank you for creating such wonderful material for our family to learn from and enjoy.

  9. Brenna

    My family (boys 7 and 5) loved this! We just purchased the audio version but we enjoyed it so much I will purchase the hard copy so we can refer back to it! Lots of exciting stories that made us hungry for more!

  10. Nbarzaga

    I cannot express how much my family enjoyed this book along with the CD. We used to drive to my daughter’s music lessons and enjoyed this wonderful work along the way. We travel all over the world and my daughters have visited many of the historical areas mentioned in that book and everything came alive with it. Sonya does a wonderful job with her wonderful art of storytelling. I kept the book and the CD’s for future generations. Simply wonderful! We want more…

  11. Kristina

    This book gives a wonderful panoramic view of the ancient world. It’s written in an engaging style and it’s very enjoyable to read. I think it would be an excellent alternative to “Story of the World”. Especially if you are looking for something written from a Biblical worldview. Even though I loved this book so much(and would gladly read it again) I do wish they included the Israelites as one of the ancient civilizations focused upon. They were only mentioned here and there. I’m assuming that’s because this book is meant to be read along side the Bible readings in the Genesis through Deuteronomy lesson plan book. But, in reading this as a stand alone book; I feel it was missing such an important piece there. Especially for Christians who want to use it as a read aloud apart from that particular curriculum guide.

  12. A. Payne

    Having this as an audiobook has been so helpful! With all the reading out loud my voice cannot always keep up, and we all enjoy the way Sonya reads. The content is great and gives us more details on Egypt in a way that helps my kids remember what they’ve learned.

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