A Castle with Many Rooms
A Castle with Many Rooms: The Story of the Middle Ages


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A Castle with Many Rooms: The Story of the Middle Ages

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A fabulous living history spine for the whole family. Narrates the story of the Middle Ages around the world from the Fall of Rome to the Renaissance, Reformation, and Scientific Revolution. (Grades 1–12) See full description

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Product Description

What a marvelous place to visit—A Castle with Many Rooms!

Walk through a thousand years of living history with this captivating narrative of the Middle Ages. You and your children will watch empires rise and fall; meet kings both noble and dreadful, and craftsmen and artists who change the world; ponder the tragedy of sickness and war; and rejoice in the triumphs of freedom and forgiveness.

All of this is awaiting you in A Castle with Many Rooms: The Story of the Middle Ages!

Enjoy A Castle with Many Rooms as your main tour guide through the time period for your whole family. And of course, you can bring other great living books alongside and linger longer with any of the people and events along the way.

A Castle with Many Rooms tells the fascinating story of the Middle Ages from the Fall of Rome to the Renaissance, Reformation, and Scientific Revolution. Cultures and events are interwoven from Europe to Africa, the Americas, Middle East, and Asia. Full-color vintage maps and a handy pronunciation guide are included.

Your entire family is sure to enjoy the time they spend in A Castle with Many Rooms: The Story of the Middle Ages!


Narration Notecards are available for A Castle with Many Rooms.

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Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 1, Grade 12, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7

Lesson Plan

Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation & Epistles


6 reviews for A Castle with Many Rooms: The Story of the Middle Ages

  1. Emily

    This is a wonderfully engaging and detailed resource. We have enjoyed reading it every night as a family and the kids can’t get enough. Devouring is an appropriate level of involvement here! The language is just the right level where the young ones generally get the gist and the older ones are enraptured. My husband was a history major in college and says there are details in this book that he never heard of.

    If you were to trace your family tree deep into the middle ages and beyond as we did (to the 400s in one case) and then discover this book, history would come alive in a whole new way.

    This book also tends to make looking up things on a map exciting… for someone who’s never been into geography, that says a lot.

    We lost it for about two months in the middle of an adventure-charged section and the kids and I were annoyed to have to read ‘Bambi’ (so dull) while we waited to rediscover A Castle With Many Rooms.

    Highly recommended.

  2. Huge

    This book is amazing! (I am reading this to our kids whose ages range from 5-15.) All of the chapters in this narrative are engaging and interesting. It has made narrations and reviews easy to do and we have loved encountering some people we have not in our other history studies.
    The way that this book weaves together history has been enjoyable for me as well as our kids and led us on some surprising rabbit trails that have been fun experiences.
    In typical Charlotte Mason living-book style, information is given in sizable sections that allow us to mull over and visit the information in our minds in the coming days before coming back to it for the next bit.
    I’m very thankful to have this book among our resources. It’s a definite favorite! I highly recommend it!

  3. Tisha

    Going back to teaching…. I reviewed many, many history books and finally decided on this one. I teach 6th grade at a small private school and bought a copy for each of the students. This book does a wonderful job at highlighting important points in history and keeping the reader engaged. The writing is high quality literature that isn’t found in typical history textbooks. It truly is a “living book” and my students are thoroughly enjoyed reading through this book. We are almost all the way through it. As a teacher, I loved the Narration Notecards that accompany it. I wish there was a “Stuff They Left Behind” from the Middle Ages. (I use those with my 5th grade students and love.)

  4. Hannah Farnsworth

    We looove this book! Engages kids and is the first history curriculum we’ve found without a lot of missing or incorrect facts. Would really enjoy an audiobook version so we could enjoy it on car rides as well!

  5. Amanda

    Our first year with full SCM is with the Middle Ages Time Period. I almost didn’t purchase this book because I already have two different “spines” for this time period and I really didn’t want to spend money needlessly. I’m so glad I went ahead and bought it anyways. It is hands down better than the other two living books!!!

  6. Amy

    We have loved this book dearly. I read it to my boys when they were seven and five years old; they loved it, even if they didn’t quite understand all of it! And I am reading it again now that they are ten and eight and they love it (and understand it) more. My boys actually remember history from this book. Wonderful history book.

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