The CM Organizer Has a Fresh New Look!

CM Organizer Homeschool Planner

For several months now we have been busily working behind the scenes on an update to the CM Organizer, and today we’re thrilled to announce the exciting news: the CM Organizer has an attractive new look! It’s still the same great online planner and record-keeper that helps you save time and stay organized; we’ve just reworked the design to give it a fresh new look and to make it even more useful for you.

Probably the most exciting news about the redesign is that the CM Organizer has been optimized to work beautifully on smartphones and tablet devices. Now you can take your homeschool plans with you anywhere you go!

We’ve also enlarged the text, simplified the subject and student filters on the Daily Plan, and improved backdating on the Daily Plan, plus a lot of clean up and streamlining. We hope you love these new features as much as we do!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the CM Organizer, it is a simple yet powerful online planner and record-keeper designed especially for homeschoolers who use the Charlotte Mason method.

The CM Organizer makes it easy to use a variety of wonderful living books, for the whole family or for individual students. Simply choose the books and resources you want to use from the CM Bookfinder (or add your own), then select how you want to use them (perhaps read and narrate or do a picture study) and when you want to use them (for example, every day or on Tuesdays and Fridays). The CM Organizer will take all that information and hand it to you one day at a time—your Daily Plan.

One of the best things about the CM Organizer is its ability to flex with real life. If you don’t get to an assignment today, it will roll it to next time and update your schedule automatically. So rather than feeling pressured to get through a checklist by a certain date, you can focus on teaching your child at his own pace and making sure he’s really learning.

Charlotte Mason subjects and methods are already pre-loaded for you to use, but you can add your own if you would like. And in true CM fashion, grades are not required to track your progress.

Try the CM Organizer free with a limited Basic account or subscribe for full access for only $7.95/month.

Take a look and see how the CM Organizer can help you save time and stay organized—from your desktop, your laptop, and now, your tablet or smartphone.

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