Announcing Four Wonderful New Picture Study Portfolios

Charlotte Mason Picture Study Portfolios

Today we are pleased to announce four new artists have been added to our collection of Picture Study Portfolios. You may recognize some of their names: Raphael, Cassatt, Rubens, and Homer.

Raphael is known for his portrayals of cherubic angels and peaceful Madonnas, but there is more to his work than that. He also composed more complex works that invite the viewer to stop and ponder great truths of life.

Mary Cassatt painted many sweet scenes of children with their mothers. She had a lovely way of elevating what is considered a mundane, everyday activity to a place of quiet dignity. Technically she is considered an American painter, though she resided in Europe for most of her art-filled life.

Peter Paul Rubens is famous for portraying vibrant muscles and intense scenes. He painted life as he felt it—full of action and movement and with a sense of splendid decoration. His courtly ways and vivid work earned him the title “the Prince of Painters.”

Winslow Homer, a truly American artist, loved to capture the ever-changing sea. His pictures feature people at work and play near the gray, stormy waves off the north Atlantic coast and in the beautiful green waters of the warm Caribbean.

No matter which ones you choose, it’s easy to lead your children to form personal relations with artists and their work using our Picture Study Portfolios. Each high-quality packet contains eight beautiful prints by the artist, a living biography suitable for the whole family, and Leading Thoughts to help you look closely and carefully at each picture.

Just ten minutes once a week is all it takes to spread this wonderful feast. With this simple and effective method, your family will be enriched and eventually have “a couple of hundred pictures by great masters hanging permanently in the halls of [their] imagination” (Towards a Philosophy of Education, p. 43).


  1. I am so excited for the Cassatt collection! We recently moved to the east coast and when my girls and I saw in our art book that a large number for her work was on display in DC, we had to go check them out! We have been obsessed with Cassatt ever sense! Great choice!
    (a side note about seeing the works in real life, we discovered that our art book largely misrepresented the colors Cassatt used. I look forward to the SCM ‘s renderings as Im sure that they will have a higher level of accuracy!)

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