What do you get when you put together 1 school year, 3 students in first through sixth grades, 50 Bible passages, 15 simple science experiments, 18 living books, and 20 nature study ideas? 106 Days of Creation Studies!

The 106 lessons detail how to combine resources to teach a full year of creation with all your children (grades 1-6) together. We happened to have 3 students when we first planned the study. You can use it with 1 student, 3 students, 12 students — how ever many you have. And all of the planning’s been done for you! There are activities to do all together and additional assignments for the older children.

Learn more about 106 Days of Creation Studies and download a free sample here on our website.

When you put together 106 Days of Creation Studies, you get one exciting year of science!


  1. Just wanted to let you know we are totally enjoying using 106 Days of Creation Studies, and appreciate the time you have put into this great, economical unit. Thank you!

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