The World of William Penn
The World of William Penn


The World of William Penn


A look at world history as it unfolded in various events throughout William Penn’s lifetime. Recommended for grades 7–12. See full description

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With her unique approach to “horizontal history,” Genevieve Foster explores the wide world of William Penn from the 1660s to the early 1700s—a world reaching across the courtyards of the Sun King in France to the Great Wall of China and beyond to Colonial America.

Penn’s contemporaries included such colorful figures as Louis XIV, Peter the Great, Edmund Halley, Sir Issac Newton, Shah Jahan (who built the Taj Mahal), and the great explorers Marquette, Jolliet, and La Salle. His life also spans a fascinating age of world exploration and discovery.

Penn’s Quaker beliefs undergirded his relationships with the Pennsylvanian native tribes and established the longest standing peace treaty between American Indians and European settlers. Wonderful maps and illustrations by the author complement the text.

About the Author

“Nothing is more critical, I believe, than that children growing up in these critical explosive days should be given an understanding of American history as a part of the history of the world. Every year this grows more urgent, as increasingly rapid communication integrates world events more closely and the impact of foreign affairs on our own lives becomes more serious and immediate.” Genevieve Foster (1893–1979) wrote this nearly fifty years ago. It resonates with perhaps more truth today. Her writing style is clear, concise and fluid with her greatest strength as a storyteller being her ability to bring her readers right into the minds and times of her characters.

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